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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Case study 1:Leadership Continuity

Hi folks, Kee Teck (All Saints) has compiled the case studies scenario analysis and proposed solutions for Case study No 1 for leadership continuity. Thanks!! Here goes ..

Case Study 1: Leadership Continuity

1) Possible reasons why no one was willing to take over leadership role -
i) Lack of experience for new volunteers.
ii) Lack of delegation.
iii) Lack of contingency plans.

2) Importance of leadership in volunteer group -
i) More organized, more focused work; everyone knows what to do, and also know why it is being done, the objectives.
ii) No backup, no deputy.

3) Possible eventual consequences of no leadership -
i) Low morale
ii) No direction, don’t know what to do.
iii) Loss of new volunteers.
iv) Lack of main committee.

4) Vivien was too engrossed leading the group that she forgets to prepare/plan for leadership continuity -
i) Vivien might have been too complacent.
ii) She failed to delegate out her work to other volunteers.

5) Being too “good” a leader ironically become an obstacle to leadership continuity –
i) For new volunteers about to take over leadership might feel pressurized.
ii) Good leadership should also share, discuss over any problems new volunteers experience.

6) How do we get “younger” volunteers to accept leadership roles?
i) Send them to courses.
ii) Encouragement.
iii) Let them take on more roles and responsibility gradually, if possible.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Handicraft sharing - Gift puppy

Another sneak preview of one of the handicraft sharing on 17th Sep (Leadership Development and Mentoring) workshop
(check out Workshops@ESN)

Using towels, little eyes, ribbons etc to make a cute gift-puppy!

Teach your beneficiaries after you have learnt it and can help to raise funds for your own agencies! Have fun!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Handicraft sharing - Dough sculpturing

A sneak preview of one of the handicraft sharing on 17th Sep workshop
(check out Workshops@ESN)

Dough sculpturing - using doughs to make little items that can be used as key chains or fridge magnet.

Fun to learn! Bring the skill back to your VWO and teach your beneficiaries and your fellow volunteers how to make it!